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Collagen Hydrolysate UPDATE

UPDATE on my experience with Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate!

IT WORKS FOR JOINT PAIN!!! After only 15 days using this product, my hip pain, knee cap pain, and finger joint pain is all gone. My range of motion in my hips is getting slightly better. I still feel a pinch of pain if I push myself too far, but it has definitely improved. My cervical spine has stopped popping every time I turn my head or tilt my neck from side to side. Below are my notes on the product.

The shipment arrived on Monday, July 28th. I immediately began using it as the label indicates:

2 rounded tablespoons in the morning (about 14gm)

2 rounded tablespoons prior to bedtime (I actually have it with dinner or shortly afterward)

The reviews on Amazon, Bodybuilding.com, and the Great Lakes website all tell the truth when they say it is easily dissolved and completely tasteless. THAT IS TRUE! You cannot taste anything. The reviews touting the positive effect on joint pain are also what I am experiencing after only two weeks.

When I have it in the morning, I mix it in my coffee with my almond milk and sugar. Sometimes I have a tablespoon with my lunch or shortly after lunch in a cup of green tea. When I take the Collagen Hydrolysate at night before bed I have tried it three ways: sprinkled over my dinner, in a glass of cold water with a dash of black cherry juice, or in a cup of hot tea. So far, each method has worked, however the cold beverage was my least favorite method.

Collagen Hydrolysate with my favorite teas!

Collagen Hydrolysate with my favorite teas!









There is no flavor whatsoever. It dissolves quickly on or in hot food or beverages. I have sprinkled it on curry, pasta, and in rice. The reason why mixing it in the cold beverage is my least favorite is because even though it dissolves easily, there are a few little swirly floaty pieces at the bottom of my glass. They look almost waxy and those few pieces never seem to dissolve. It is a mental thing for me as to why I don’t like to gulp it down with cold water.

Regarding the effect on my joint pain, it really has made a difference for me. I realize it has been only two weeks that I have taken it, however it has stopped the constant cracking and popping from my cervical spine all the way into my toes. The range of motion in my hips and knees has been rather limited for quite awhile now. I can now open my hips wider without pain when doing yoga, swimming in the pool, and doing strength exercises. When I am exercising, I can do leg lifts without any pain. It has really been a dramatic change for me. My cervical spine would feel like I had very bad sunburn and it would always pop and crack with a turn of my head or even when I tilt my head side to side during exercise (or for whatever many reasons we tilt our heads side to side!) I still hear and feel a slight bit of grinding in my left hip and C-spine, but nothing even remotely close to what it had been doing up until about a week ago.

If anyone is thinking of taking this product, please check with your doctor first. Read about it. Do your own research. It has been a miracle for me and I just can’t think of one complaint so far. Yes, two weeks is not long enough to toot a horn or have a parade in honor of collagen hydrolysate, but my gosh, this has been a life saver for me.

I plan to update in two weeks, once I have been on it for a month, and will try to do periodic updates on my results.

Stay cool and healthy!

Me in/on Catalina Island!

Me in/on Catalina Island!





Collagen Hydrolysate for Joint Pain

It has been quite sometime since I have made any updates. The year was crazy. Lost my home in a flood, moved my mom who has Stage 6 Alzheimer’s into a terrific, safe memory care, and have been recouping and playing catch up since last summer. That’s my mom there in the photo. 

Joint pain has gnawed at me off and on for a couple years and has gotten much worse in the past few months. My hips are so painful that on a handful of occasions I cannot move my legs to walk. My range of motion is non-existent. The joints in my elbows and inner knees are in constant pain to the point where nothing can touch them, not even a soft pillow or my mattress. When the hip and elbow pain began to happen more frequently I thought I was having a flare-up. My neurologist thinks it is osteoarthritis and not M.S.-type or Syringomyelia flare-ups. He doesn’t think osteoarthritis is related to the Syringomyelia, but I swear I read a few interesting articles recently that noted the two issues have been seen in patients with a Syrinx. If I go back to find them, I will link here.

I have an appointment with a rheumatologist in the middle of August. For the last year I have been taking an all in one supplement: Chondroiton, Glucosamine, and MSM to alleviate the terrible joint pain. It may work for some of you, my fellow special spinal cord folks, but it has not worked for me. If anything, it has eased the crepitus a tad bit. Regarding pain, the supplement has not done anything. Time to make a change.

My neurologist mentioned Collagen Hydrolysate as having positive results for osteoarthritis pain, especially in the hips and elbows. So I’ve spent about 20 hours reading whatever I could find on the Internet and reading testimonials (and some negative comments) from current users of the supplement. Supposedly, Collagen Hydrolysate slows down the loss of cartilage, reduces pain, and gives you more mobility. I have ordered some for myself from the Great Lakes Gelatin company.  www.GreatLakesGelatin.com

This could be a long shot, and I realize that 20 hours of reading stuff on the Inter-webs isn’t the magic ticket, however I am quite hopeful that this product will work. A few athletes who I work with did have positive, personal experiences using it. As always, I will let the new rheumatologist know I’m taking it and I am eager to hear his opinion. My order should arrive by Friday. I’ll update as soon as I notice any changes.

in the meantime, here are some random pics of the last few months.

Christmas in Montana, the Rose Parade, beach days, hanging with Tito Ortiz at my health and fitness expo, Mother’s Day, crazy sun in San Diego, and other fun shenanigans. Thank you for reading!

Went to the Big Ranch near Choteau, MT for Christmas.

Went to the Big Ranch near Choteau, MT for Christmas.

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