Clean Drinking Water – Rachel Beckwith


A beautiful child born with such a selfless nature. Born to love, share, and give. The young lady is inspirational. Her parents should be praised and respected for raising such a compassionate, lovely, benevolent child.


It’s bewildering how our universe, our mother nature, god, superior forces work. This single human being, this one child’s life, changed so many other people’s lives, other children’s lives.

The people around the world who donated money simply astound me. It restores my belief that people are inherently kind and maybe we just forget about our fellow man sometimes because we get wrapped up in our own lives. We look down at the pavement too much, for too long, in our concrete jungles. Maybe we should be looking around and making eye contact with each other. Smiling instead of scowling. Giving a wave instead of giving the finger. Looking around and holding the door instead of allowing it to swing closed on the next person. I don’t know. But following the lead of this nine year old seems like a good place to start.

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