Vitamins. They all have a purpose.

What’s going to keep me healthy?


One multivitamin?

Different vitamins throughout the day?

Everyone has an opinion. Even the many health enthusiasts and experts in the industry I work in and highly regard. Jack LaLanne, for example, said you can’t go wrong under the guidance of your physician, taking a multivitamin or additional Folic Acid, Vitamin C, or Calcium if needed. I take each of my supplements at a few different times during the day for absorption purposes. I’m not a weirdo about it, but I aim to keep my tummy happy, vitamins distributed evenly, and well you get the idea.

What do you do? Take one for the day? Take a mess like I do? Throughout the day or all at once? Any at all?

I’m thinking the following:

Fish oil keeps my heart healthy. It would be nice to get off of the heart medication I take. My symptoms of thickening have reversed over a seven year period. Maybe it’s the fish oil. Maybe it is from the beta-blocker.

Iron gives me energy. For some reason I tend to have a lower iron count on occasion. A little booster makes up for what I’m not getting in my diet. Blood work appears normal when I’m on the supplement.

Vitamin C has kept two colds at bay (I would like to believe.) Two sickies at my office have coughed and sputtered past me over the last two weeks. So far, knock on wood, for the first time in ages I do not feel even a tickle in my throat. Or is it the Lysol I have sprayed at them as they walk by my door?

B12 has kept the numbness and tingling to a minimum and kept my levels at a nice 900 since I’ve been a vegetarian. That 900 was in the lowly 100s before I started enjoying the melt-in-your-mouth B12 each day. And the greens everyday don’t hurt either.

Vitamin D3 makes up for the days I actually have to work and not be a beach bum. Yes, those days are rare, but they do come up and I must go indoors and miss the sun. And since you can only get Vitamin D from meat (not an option), mushrooms (gag me with anything handy), or the sun, I’ll pop one when I can’t get to the ocean.

Folic Acid is the one who is always left behind. Aside from childbearing years, folic acid should be taken by people on anti-seizure medications and/or medications for inflammatory diseases.

I did leave out calcium which I do take every day with my lunch. I take it because my shin bones, my sternum, and my hip bones hurt. They are always tender like if you touch them, they might break and crumble into dust. (so don’t ever touch them.) But really… I couldn’t fit the bottle in the photo and it felt a little ridiculous to try to squish it in there. I mean really. It’s already a little embarrassing, all those bottles.

How about YOU? Do you take individual supplements like that? Or do you take one multivitamin and be done with it?

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