Gabapentin Update



Now on to the Gabapentin.

This update only applies to my own personal experience.

Gabapentin does stop muscle spasms in my legs.

It does cause insomnia for me.

It does not eliminate my muscle pain.

It does not stop my muscle fatigue.

My muscles are weaker now than ever before.

It does make me fat. I have gained 7 pounds in 12 days.

It has helped with my sensory feelings such as skin sensation. My skin is much less sensitive and feels less pain.

This is not the right medication for me at this time.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I take it too but had not noticed any of the effects but, then, I take a fistful of meds. Here’s a return heads up for you: I discovered through personal experience that too much vitamin “D” causes restless leg syndrome. I never had it before I started taking too much “D” to relieve a condition I have now forgotten.
    Co-incidentally, I had to go in for a sleep test not related to the RLS which I didn’t even know what to call at the time. I was t.v. monitered and diagnosed, and dumped the “D” as that was the only new item in my routine. The RLS vanished within 72 hours. Cool, huh? I do hope you check out my blog and let me know what you think. Possibly it will help. I like yours.
    Doesn’t “gabapentin” sound like a chemical Marines might use to clean latrines? Just wondering.
    Steven Narbonne

    1. Thanks for the info on Vitamin D. I am very careful on the vitamins I take – under a doctor’s supervision with blood test monitoring. I’ll go check out your blog. Thank you for reading mine!

      1. Very wise. Vitamins work just like medicine which can be bad or good. Forgive me for not replying sooner but I just discovered this mail feature! I am a techno phobe so I learn slowly.

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