Vegetarian Pasta Sauce – Fight Spinal Inflammation!


I made a very delicious ** mostly ** homemade pasta sauce tonight. Eating a vegetarian, mainly vegan, diet has really helped me feel less pain and fatigue with my Multiple Sclerosis and Syringomyelia. I like to believe it helps cut down the inflammation that I feel in my spine, neck, and body. The pasta sauce I made this evening is hearty and could actually be a meal on its own, but I like to make veggie pasta noodles to go with it.

To make the sauce:

One jar of sweet red pepper & basil marinara

One bag of Morning Star Meal Starter Crumbles

Two sweet, red bell peppers

One (or two, if you like) Maui sweet onion

1/4 cup of sun-dried tomatoes

3 on-the-vine-ripened tomatoes (or two cans of petite-cut or diced tomatoes)

1 clove of fresh garlic, minced or very finely chopped

Basil & Oregano to taste – approximately 1 tablespoon of each

Chop the sun-dried tomatoes, onions, red peppers, and garlic. Mix all ingredients together and simmer for about one hour. IF you are in a hurry, simmer until hot or pasta noodles are done. Since it’s meatless, it doesn’t really matter. The longer the simmer, the better the flavor though.

I use the jar of store-bought sauce and Morning Star Meal Starter to get me going. I love the flavor of the sweet red bell pepper sauce – yummmmm. So really, you could say that I’m just enhancing store bought sauce and it’s not really homemade. But what the hay! It’s so good with the sun-dried tomatoes and the other goodies. The Meal Starter really makes the sauce hearty and filling.

Hint, Target sells a mini, electric Proctor-Silex food chopper that holds just about 12 oz. I use it to chop the sun-driend tomatoes, peppers and onions for the sauce. Makes them juicy and blend in a little better. (Also a great little mixer for homemade guacamole.)

Enjoy your sauce. Enjoy your life, with Multiple Sclerosis or Syringomyelia, with less inflammation.



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