Ingest This

ImageI had a lumbar puncture yesterday. Prior to the procedure the doctor requested a blood test: Total Serum Protein test. Mine was very low. I don’t know what the actual Albumin or Globulin numbers were, simply that the overall number came back significantly low. I’m a vegan, but my B12 is normal (900 pg/mL) and a normal B12 is 200-900 so I am totally good there. Usually a vegan will have low B12. So I’m a slight concerned with the protein being low. That could signal a sign of liver or blood issues. And with sudden (sudden being last many months) onset of muscle weakness, I have no idea what to think.

Diet-wise, I have been eating complex carbs to sustain fullness such as oatmeal with currants for breakfast, sweet potatoes and veggies for lunch, and a mix of BBQ grilled veggie kabobs for dinner with about two or three side dishes. I try to make a summer-squash risotto or something of the like as a side dish to keep my palate from DYING.

A delightful green bean medley to try: freshly boiled green beans, sauteed in a drip of olive oil, with slivered almonds, a dozen small, sweet pearl onions, chopped sweet red, orange, and yellow bell pepper, and a dash of seasoning peppers and garlic salt. Saute for about five or six minutes and oh my gosh, you will have a nice spruced up side of greens!

How about a side of salsa to go with your Ak-Mak crackers? Fresh corn is better, but if you don’t have any cobs, go with: One can of sweet corn, two delicious ripe avocados diced into tiny pieces, one sweet on-the-vine tomato (or a can of petite diced tomatoes), one lime, two long green onions, one freshly minced clove of garlic, one fresh diced mango, a sprig of cilantro diced, and seasoning salt/pepper to taste. Chop everything up, except the lime. Mix it all together and then squeeze the lime juice over the top. Mix again, taste for lime flavoring. Add more if needed. So refreshing. I eat it with Ak-Mak crackers or sometimes with just a spoon.

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